Permanent Contract or Contract-to-Direct Hire
Our normal fee for a Permanent placement is 15% of the starting salary offered to our candidate by our client and accepted by our candidate. The hourly fee for a contractor is negotiated directly with our contract candidate. There are many variables considered; length of the contract assignment, the potential of remote work, specific skill requirements and responsibilities, etc.. The Billable Cost Per Hour is negotiated directly with our company client and is dependent on a variety of needs and expectations. Once this step is finalized we send the Placement Agreement referenced below to our client.
Where to Begin
  • In order to begin our search and sourcing efforts to target, locate, screen, and interview suitable candidates to fill either Permanent, Contract or Contract-to-Direct Hire positions; our prospective Client needs to review, sign and return our Placement Agreement. The agreement outlines our recruiting methodology, responsibilities, liabilities and etc.
  • We will need a detailed job description. Our sourcing efforts may require us to highlight, focus, alter or add specific skills and experience requirements to this description. This is sometimes necessary when we use a variety of media types to advertise and target a “best fit” for the position.
  • In addition, we need to be able to establish a clear communication channel with the individual who will be in charge of conducting initial interviews (telephonic or in-person). A person who can respond to questions regarding the specifics of the Job Description, and offer feed back when needed. The ideal person is usually the individual who is actively involved in the corpo rate training initiatives; HR, IT, ISD, or E-Learning / Director, Manager, Supervisor or an authorized team member. Having access to these individuals can be critical toward enabling a smooth and successful experience during the entire set-up and recruiting process.
Contact us:

We invite Candidates and Client companies that want to fill such positions to contact us; via email, orimg_4 or img_3
or phone (951) 223-3442, call anytime 24/7 – leave a message and we will get back to you.